Fisherman catches rare Lancetfish

By Blessing Enechojo Abu

A fisherman, while fishing for tuna caught a strange deep-sea fish usually found in Alaskan marine waters known as lancetfish.

A rare catch as lancetfish are known to live in the ocean “twilight zone”, a mysterious layer between the sunlit ocean surface and the abyss”, spanning from just below 200 meters to 1,000 meters deep.

Also known as the mesopelagic zone, or “the middle ground” between light and shadow”, the twilight zone is “dark, elusive, temperamental” and difficult to study. This is the major reason why lancetfish are not seen regularly.

The fish which is characterized by their “gaping fanged jaws, enormous eyes, sail-like fins, and long, slithery body” are sometimes referred to as “scaleless lizards” due to their scaleless, smooth skins.

Growing up to 7 feet, the fish is one of the largest deep-sea fish. They have the ability to swim a mile below the sea surface.

After the discovery, the fisherman had since released the fish back into the ocean.


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