Italian Police Drives Lamborghinis To Deliver Life Saving Organs To Patients

By Blessing Enechojo Abu

The Italian police used a Lamborghini Huracan to deliver two kidneys over 310 miles for transplant patients.

The specially adapted luxury car which can reach a top speed of 190mph was used to deliver the kidneys from Padua to hospitals in Modena and Rome.

The Italian police have been using the specially adapted Lamborghini supercars to transport blood and organs to patients across the country.

Two of the luxury cars were gifted to the Italian police force in 2017 for use in emergencies.

The Police deputy commissioner, Highway Patrol, Matteo Salvarani stated that the $250,000 car is priceless to the force.
Describing the luxury car, he said: “The car is equipped with a special compartment for a medical fridge that allows us to transport organs, blood, and urgent pharmaceuticals to patients across the country.”


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