Baanty: Championing Cultural Diversity and Philanthropy Through Music

Kelvin Ikpon, widely known by his stage alias Baanty, entered the world on June 27, 1997, in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria. Growing up amidst Delta State’s rich cultural backdrop, Baanty’s early years were steeped in the vibrant melodies of Nigerian music and the values instilled by his family, particularly his mother, whose love and commitment laid the groundwork for his strong work ethic.


Since childhood, Kelvin drew inspiration from the diverse sounds of Nigerian music legends like Ayaka Ozubulu, Onyenze Nwa Amobi, Bright Chemezie, and the iconic King Sunny Ade. However, it was the revolutionary ethos of Fela Kuti, the timeless tunes of King Sunny Ade, and the contemporary flair of Burna Boy that deeply impacted his musical journey.


Baanty’s interests extended beyond music, encompassing singing, travel, and strategic games like chess and snooker. He showcased a multifaceted persona in fashion and real estate, demonstrating a discerning eye for trends and a penchant for innovation.


Philanthropy became a cornerstone of Kelvin’s mission. He actively participated in initiatives focused on youth empowerment and educational support in his community, including programs for music education, scholarships for disadvantaged students, and initiatives for youth entrepreneurship and skills development. His tracks “Delta Groove,” “My Love,” and “Journey Home” remain beloved by fans.


Looking forward, Kelvin envisions a future where collaboration and mentorship drive musical innovation and empowerment. He plans to curate collaborative endeavors that celebrate cultural diversity while fostering unity within the Nigerian music industry and beyond. Additionally, Baanty is dedicated to establishing a music education and mentorship program, aiming to equip aspiring musicians with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.


Baanty’s journey as a musician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist epitomizes his steadfast commitment to shaping the Nigerian music landscape and creating a positive impact in his community and beyond.



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