Championing Cybersecurity: Dinah Lugard Emerges Victorious in Hackathon 2024

Championing Cybersecurity:Dinah Lugard Emerges Victorious in Hackathon 2024

Championing Cybersecurity: 
Dinah Lugard Emerges Victorious in Hackathon 2024

Nigeria’s Dinah Lugard emerged triumphant in the highly anticipated Hackathon 2024, hosted by Pydon Global. Besting over 100 participants from across Africa in the preliminary rounds, Lugard competed head-to-head with finalists from Tanzania and Senegal for the coveted top prize.

The virtual competition, spanning April and concluding on May 2nd, 2024, showcased Lugard’s exceptional skills as a White Hat Hacker, earning her not just the winner’s title but also recognition for delivering the most outstanding presentation.

As the champion, Lugard not only clinches the winner’s crown but also secures a $5000 cash prize and a scholarship to pursue studies in Artificial Intelligence at Harvard University, having amassed an impressive 2277 points. The second-place finisher, representing Senegal, earns a scholarship to study System Engineering anywhere in Africa with a total of 2044 points. Meanwhile, the third-place finisher from Tanzania receives a scholarship to study computer science at a Tanzanian University.

In the realm of cybersecurity, Dinah Lugard emerges as a steadfast advocate, emphasizing the critical importance of bolstering digital defenses against fraud and hacking. Expressing gratitude for the accolade, Lugard stated, “Cybersecurity is a way of life for me, not just a profession. That’s why I am dedicated to it.” Dinah also received a Master Hacker medal, adding, “Winning the competition automatically made me a ‘Master Hacker’.”

Acknowledging the risks inherent in the era of connectivity, Lugard’s initiative, ‘Cloud On SoberTech,’ takes center stage, highlighting the urgent need for online security. Through tailored content, it provides essential safeguards and a roadmap for safely navigating the digital landscape.


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