Cutees Brand: Crafting Iconic Looks Beyond Trends1

Cutees Brand: Crafting Iconic Looks Beyond Trends

Cutees Brand: Crafting Iconic Looks Beyond Trends1

Elegbede Mansour Opeyemi, known on instagram with the handle @Cutees_oladayo is the creative director of the Cutees brand. Born and raised in Lagos, his roots trace back to Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Cutees Brand: Crafting Iconic Looks Beyond Trends2

Oladayo is a certified business educator who graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University formerly Ogun state University. Oladayo is also the face behind the public group ADIRE TO THE WORLD and founder of ADIRE MARKET SQUARE with over 4000 members,500 vendors across Nigeria and 2 international recognitions.

Cutees Brand: Crafting Iconic Looks Beyond Trends3

He is one of the initiatives of FASHION2SCH, also named as “catch them young” a program set up to reach large number of kids, educating them that success is not centered in four wall of a classroom through vocational training (Adire making, bead making, hairstyling and many more)

Cutees Brand: Crafting Iconic Looks Beyond Trends5

His passion for fashion and unique style, influenced by nature and self-discovery, led to the creation of Cutees Clothing Brand. Specializing in wearable art primarily for men, the brand creates iconic looks rather than following trends.

Oladayo takes great joy in seeing his designs recreated, viewing it as a sign of progress and affirmation of the brand’s iconic status. When asked about the major challenges he faced in his business, he mentioned, “Many challenges, but I would make mention of one, which is ‘low credibility.’ This almost led to self-doubt, but with time and consistency, I overcame that.”

He acknowledges that starting a fashion design career is tough, especially without strong connections or financial backing. Oladayo advises aspiring designers to persevere and consistently show up to achieve success in the industry.


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