Customer Service Is A Top Priority For Us – Udochukwu Joel, General Manager KSBTech

The importance of customer service in any business cannot be overemphasized. It plays a crucial role in the business, irrespective of the industry or business size. The process of customer service involves providing support, assistance, and solutions to customers’ queries and concerns, before, during, or after a purchase.

A general manager at KSBTech, Udochukwu Joel revealed that customer service is a top priority for them at the company.

In response to how they provide excellent customer service at KSBTech, the general manager said; “Communication is the key for us. Our channels are open 24/7 because we know that communication reassures users especially when there are delays during withdrawals or deposits. Communication with a touch of friendliness and occasional reward for loyalty helps our users stay glued to us.”

“We understand that providing exceptional customer service is the key to success in the digital asset exchange platform industry,”
“Our team is committed to ensuring that every user is satisfied with our services and that their experience on our platform is seamless.”

On the vision of the company, he said; Our goal at KSBTech is simple: to make it easy to convert gift cards and crypto to cash safely and easily. The vision for us is a generally safe space for anyone trading digital assets. The mission however is to build efficient teams and technologies that will make our vision a reality”.

Udochukwu stated that the major reason he joined KSBTech, a digital asset exchange platform in Nigeria, was as a result of his long term desire to have a career in the tech space.

“I have always wanted a career in the tech space. So KSBTech was a good opportunity and it came at the right time. I may have had basic knowledge of this space but my role as a manager inspired me greatly. I have managed teams, overseen user acquisition, monitored workflow, and guided the company to multiple successful launches,” he said.

Despite the success of their company, Udochukwu highlighted the major challenges they encounter in the line of their business.
“Network troubles are perhaps the biggest challenge. A transfer made by 9 am today may reach the user hours later. Nigerians don’t like such delays especially when it concerns money. Many users of our products understand this but a bunch of others still don’t understand. This, in addition to the general reluctance of people to try new softwares are the major challenges. However, one update at a time, we are gradually breaking these barriers,” he stated.


Written By: Blessing Enechojo Abu

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