Dekunle Okunrinboye

Dekunle Okunrinboye Credits Ego And Heartbreak For Sparking His Entrepreneurial Journey

Dekunle Okunrinboye, the founder of DK INDUSTRIES GROUP & THE BILLIONAIRE COMPANY has given an account of the experience which marked the kick-off of his business.

Recounting his moment of clarity, the entrepreneur said many factors including heartbreak and confusion birthed the actions that led to his dream life.

“Heartbreak, confusion, and ego constituted to the inspiration. Heartbreak in the sense that, that year my mates were celebrating their convocation and I was just in bed going through social media seeing the smiles on their faces and there I was reflecting on my life. I had used most of my school years to organize events with little or no attention to my education because I was taking a Course I had no interest in.

After abruptly ending my Diploma at Babcock University, I got an admission to study Economics and I showed it to my dad, he probably was not in the mood that evening so He looked right at the admission letter and disregarded it, asked if I had any passion in that line of study, or even took the subjects during my high school, so to please him I took another exam and passed for Computer Technology, a course I had zero interest in. After years of unseriousness, I later went back to something I had passion for, Business Administration and Marketing.”

“The confusion part was as a result of a disciplinary committee panel I had sat before for organizing an event that had over 80% of the student leave school for the weekend, the school authorities got concerned and summoned me to a panel, that panel almost led to my expulsion from Babcock Uni. Luckily, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I was able to defend myself and get the punishment reduced to a mere counselling. This was what led to the end of my service with the company I worked for, and to go further and not get idle I had to break into my own business.”

“And lastly ego, I have a wealthy dad and I am used to opulence and affluence, I needed to maintain my status and I could not steal or break my character to get that done, neither was I going to subject myself to writing my dad a proposal to get money every time I needed it, so, it was that ego that finally made me say it’s time to man up and get this business started,” he said.

On how he has made progress despite the competitive nature of the Nigerian industry, the successful tycoon explained “it is important to focus on your strength, build it up and spread the success from that one business to the others. There are times when you must consolidate, i.e Forget the profit. In times like this you can be rest assured that other businesses will fill in for that consolidation period.”

“I make it a thing to research my competitors, know their updated prices, go through their other updates, see what they are doing differently, see what new methods they have adopted, see if it’s better than mine. Etc.
For example, DK MOVING COMPANY Was one of the first to offer moving carton-boxes free of charge to their clients when moving household items, also we were the first to offer the price per state charges and not the actual location in that state.”

“Other competitors want you to contact them days before your date of service, we are the first to offer same day service inquiry – same day service provision to our clients.
We also accept as little as 50% deposit from clients when others want to be paid in full before service. These are some of the ways we are able to stay competitive and woo the hearts of our potential clients and capture our already existing clients to remain with us”, he noted.


Written By: Blessing Enechojo Abu

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