Ugoaru Onuoha

My passion for mental health and leadership inspired me to start modeling – Ugoaru Onuoha

Ugoaru Onuoha is no doubt a bright and dazzling force in Nigeria’s beauty pageant industry. The promising talent made it clear that her passion for mental health and leadership made her enter into beauty pageants.

When asked what made her start modeling, she said, ” My passion for mental health and leadership inspired me to start. I recognized the platform as an opportunity to serve, lead, and grow into a stronger woman. Agbani darego also inspired me. She won Miss World and I want to win a crown for my country too”.

On how she became very good at modeling and the traits that have helped her succeed this far, she stated: “I was determined, courageous, self-controlled and have strong faith in God. I got trained by a mindset and confidence coach, Chidimma Nwokolo. Professional training was an essential element,” she says.

“After graduating from the University of Nigeria with my pharmacy degree. I believed I was made for more. With my education secured, I took leaps of faith toward this dream,” this was Ugoaru Onuoha’s response when asked the question when she decided to start pursuing her dreams.

On how she feels about representing Katsina in MBGN 2022 and about her journey so far, she said, ” It was a new experience as I’ve always represented Imo state. I embraced it with gratitude, confidence, and resilience. I came to push the limits of what is possible with a focus on transformational leadership for women looking beyond Nigeria. MBGN is prestigious, the care and love was unmatched. There is always room for improvement.”

Ugoaru Onuoha said “I choose myself and my journey as my highlight. I overcame obstacles that were discouraging and unfair. I hope to be an inspiration to young women to love, believe and celebrate who they are. I don’t let the decision of judges, organizers, or society define me.

I want everyone to have that strong mindset to define who they are and still have respect for others.” she said this when asked about the highlight of her career.

When asked about the advice she has for aspiring young women who want to attempt pageants, she said, “The lessons you will learn in a pageant will serve as life lessons that can help you in any area of life. Leadership, spiritual awakening, compassion, self-control, emotional awareness, and intelligence are some of these lessons. You will become more confident, network with new people and have opportunities to be better.

I’ll advise you to get a coach as I did and embark on this journey at least once in your lifetime. Make a background check on the pageant too, there are organizations without the right vision or purpose as yours. Young woman, You are a Star, with or without a crown. Shine as bright as you can.”


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