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Slaiman Gems releases his first single of the year

So much has changed all over the world, and so has African music. Slaiman Gems, one of Nigeria’s multi-talented fast-rising artists, finally decided to gift us with one of his most anticipated songs. He titled the track “FLY AWAY” and explained why he had to wait till now.

Slaiman Gems said, “Shortly after the 2020 Covid-19 virus pandemic, I had the opportunity to develop my music production skills during the lockdown. My dream as a pan-African musician became clearer. Fly Away happens to be the last song on my forthcoming EP, but I have decided to release it first because it means so much to me. There’s been a lot happening to me in the past few years, and I have watched many of my people go downhill as life problems got the best of them. I wish I could grow wings and fly away to a place with no complaints, a place where I’ll see everyone smiling and be truly happy with myself. Does such a place even exist? I want to be happy in my world while I’m here, so I created a virtual reality in my mind and gave myself big wings”.

On how he achieved his dream the gifted producer and singer said, “I produced FLY AWAY over at my friend’s studio. It started with a melodic chant instead of lyrics, unlike many of my songs. I recorded the chants part, and then the chorus came to me. My friend DaSilva, who happens to be musically driven as well, insisted that I pour out all of my heart into the song no matter what, and that was exactly what I did. I invited a few more of my friends to listen and give me constructive criticism, but their remarks were encouraging, to my surprise”. 

The singer said he has a lot to talk about he stated: “I’d love to start by asking you to Join me, let’s fly together in my world”. he says.

“Dedicating Fly Away as a motivation to help anyone listening find strength at your downtimes, Fly away regardless of the circumstances even against all odds. Try your best to be positive happy and grateful because you still have a reason to smile today”, he adds. 

He went further saying he wants to be a part of your testimonies soon; hence, he will personally read through messages from his fans and supporters who have gained strength from his music. His team has also set up an email to receive your life testimonies and will be happy to share them with the world. 

Let’s Fly Away


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Slaiman Gems
Slaiman Gems

Listen and Enjoy Slaiman Gems’ new music titled “Fly Away”.


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