Skilzar covers Yessiey Magazine talks about his new music, Novacane.


Gifted, Innovative, and charismatic are the words that best describe Oluwaseun Olaegbe professionally known as Skilzar—a multifaceted singer, songwriter, designer, and tech entrepreneur.

In an interview with Yessiey Magazine the multitalented ‘Gift of love‘ crooner talks about his new music.

When asked about the inspiration behind his new music Novacane, the talented youngster averred that the political situation in the country inspired him to create the song.

He said: ” Novacane was inspired by everything happening around me at the moment—the election, protests, riots, and all that came with it. As a people, we need to understand that we are here on earth to love one another. Until we come to this realization, the chaos won’t stop.

We need to get addicted to the habit of receiving and expressing more love and kindness, just like a drug addict hooked on drugs. That would definitely take most of the pain we cause each other away like Novacane.

That was how I came about the title of the song, and it should be out on major streaming platforms in about a week.”

Skilzar also stated that he is focused on making beautiful music while working on his digital agency at the same time.



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