Striking The Right Chords: Skilzar On Music, Tech And Inspiring Change

Striking The Right Chords: Skilzar On Music, Tech And Inspiring Change

The Music Journey Begins

Emerging artiste Oluwaseun Olaegbe, popularly known as Skilzar, is swiftly making a mark in the Nigerian music industry. Hailing from Lagos, this talented singer, songwriter, and tech entrepreneur has caught the attention of music enthusiasts with his captivating tunes and impressive lyrical prowess.

Reflecting on his early days, Skilzar shared his deep-rooted connection to music. Growing up in a household where his parents were avid music lovers, he was exposed to melodies that filled their home. He fondly remembers performing at end-of-year parties during his primary school days, where his passion for music took flight. It was during his final years in secondary school at Lagos State Model College Igbonla that he and his seat partner, the affable Obinna, began writing songs together, finding joy in analyzing rhymes and lyrics.

A University Venture and Collaborative Pursuits

After entering Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Skilzar’s musical journey took another exciting turn. He joined a gospel dance group called TLP and took the initiative to form a music department within the group. Together, they showcased their talents at campus shows and student fellowships, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. It was during this time that Skilzar had the pleasure of collaborating with talented artists such as Sugarboy A1, GT da Guitarman, Shoba King, Xcess, and several other incredible individuals he encountered in his neighborhood.

Harmonizing Tech and Music

Skilzar’s multifaceted talents extend beyond music alone. As the founder of Skilzar Digital, a thriving digital media business, he has seamlessly integrated his tech-driven endeavors with his passion for music. Although it initially posed challenges, Skilzar managed to strike a delicate balance between his entrepreneurial aspirations and his love for creating soulful melodies.

At the onset, juggling both music and his tech business proved demanding. Skilzar temporarily paused his music career to acquire the necessary tech skills required to establish and grow his digital media enterprise. However, as time passed, he acclimated to the demanding routine and found solace in the process. Making music came naturally to Skilzar, acting as a therapeutic outlet, while his tech ventures demanded a conscious effort. Therefore, whenever he felt the strain of managing his tech business, he turned to music as a source of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Unveiling the Name, Skilzar

Behind every unique artist lies an intriguing origin story, and Skilzar is no exception. The name “Skilzar” was derived from the word “Skills.” During his earlier years, Skilzar’s friends began referring to him as “Skillz” due to his remarkable talent and multifaceted creative nature. His love for designing and creating only strengthened this association. In order to distinguish himself, Skilzar ingeniously coined the name “Skilzar,” thus solidifying his individuality within the industry.

Skilzar’s rise as a rising artiste continues to captivate audiences, as his music and tech-driven endeavors intertwine harmoniously. With his infectious melodies, poignant lyrics, and entrepreneurial spirit, Skilzar paves the way for a unique and promising future in the Nigerian music landscape.


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