Shadu: Unveiling a Musical Journey Beyond Borders


In an exclusive interview, Ukrainian artist Shadu opened up about her transformative musical direction and the potential resurgence of her renowned fashion videos. Renowned for her viral TikTok fashion content, Shadu now ventures into the realms of DJing, expanding her artistic repertoire.


Embracing synth pop and electro pop, Shadu elucidated her motivation for incorporating DJing into her musical endeavors. Her aspiration to transcend boundaries and captivate a global audience mirrors the success of Ukrainian icons like Artbat, propelling her towards a fusion of DJing and vocals.


With her songs gracing international charts, Shadu acknowledges the influx of appreciation from fans worldwide. Undeterred by past achievements, she remains committed to crafting innovative, quality music, driven by a desire to continually engage and captivate her audience.

Renowned for her distinct fashion sense, Shadu divulged the intricacies behind her unique style. Collaborating with director Aisha Milevskaya, she pioneers bespoke designer outfits, challenging societal norms and advocating for inclusivity in fashion beyond conventional standards.

In a rapidly evolving global landscape, Shadu envisions artists as beacons of unity amidst uncertainty. Advocating for shared human experiences, she emphasizes music’s transformative power to foster connection and illuminate commonalities in an increasingly divided world.

Despite recent geopolitical turmoil, Shadu’s followers clamor for the return of her iconic fashion content. Amidst adversity, she views fashion as a conduit for positivity, vowing to elevate her videos to new heights by seamlessly intertwining music and style.

Shadu’s narrative epitomizes resilience and reinvention in the face of adversity. As she embarks on a musical odyssey transcending borders and genres, her commitment to unity through creativity resonates as a beacon of hope in tumultuous times.

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Baanty: Championing Cultural Diversity and Philanthropy Through Music

Kelvin Ikpon, widely known by his stage alias Baanty, entered the world on June 27, 1997, in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria. Growing up amidst Delta State’s rich cultural backdrop, Baanty’s early years were steeped in the vibrant melodies of Nigerian music and the values instilled by his family, particularly his mother, whose love and commitment laid the groundwork for his strong work ethic.


Since childhood, Kelvin drew inspiration from the diverse sounds of Nigerian music legends like Ayaka Ozubulu, Onyenze Nwa Amobi, Bright Chemezie, and the iconic King Sunny Ade. However, it was the revolutionary ethos of Fela Kuti, the timeless tunes of King Sunny Ade, and the contemporary flair of Burna Boy that deeply impacted his musical journey.


Baanty’s interests extended beyond music, encompassing singing, travel, and strategic games like chess and snooker. He showcased a multifaceted persona in fashion and real estate, demonstrating a discerning eye for trends and a penchant for innovation.


Philanthropy became a cornerstone of Kelvin’s mission. He actively participated in initiatives focused on youth empowerment and educational support in his community, including programs for music education, scholarships for disadvantaged students, and initiatives for youth entrepreneurship and skills development. His tracks “Delta Groove,” “My Love,” and “Journey Home” remain beloved by fans.


Looking forward, Kelvin envisions a future where collaboration and mentorship drive musical innovation and empowerment. He plans to curate collaborative endeavors that celebrate cultural diversity while fostering unity within the Nigerian music industry and beyond. Additionally, Baanty is dedicated to establishing a music education and mentorship program, aiming to equip aspiring musicians with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.


Baanty’s journey as a musician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist epitomizes his steadfast commitment to shaping the Nigerian music landscape and creating a positive impact in his community and beyond.



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Angelo Di Guardo The Rising Star from Italy Taking Paris by Storm

Angelo Di Guardo: The Rising Star from Italy Taking Paris by Storm

Angelo Di Guardo The Rising Star from Italy Taking Paris by Storm

Angelo Di Guardo, the multi-talented Italian artist, has been making waves in the music industry from Paris to worldwide recognition. Born in Italy with a passion for music, Angelo’s journey from a young performer to an award-winning artist is nothing short of inspiring.


Musical Beginnings and Inspirations

From his early years, Angelo was drawn to the magic of music. Starting with performances at the tender age of 2 or 3, he quickly fell in love with the stage. His musical education spanned various genres, from classical opera to jazz and pop. Inspired by legends like Maria Callas and modern icons such as Beyoncé, Angelo’s diverse influences shape his unique sound.



Angelo Di Guardo The Rising Star

Record-breaking Achievements and Collaborations

Angelo’s dedication to his craft has led to remarkable milestones. His collaboration with Mark on the song “Ci sono anch’io” garnered over 500,000 streams on Spotify, earning him an Award of Recognition. With nearly 1 million views and counting, the track stands as a testament to his growing influence in the industry.

International Acclaim and Creative Ventures

Beyond music, Angelo’s talent extends to the silver screen. His production of musical short films, including “Biancaneve,” has received acclaim at film festivals worldwide. From India to the United States and China, his work has captivated audiences and earned prestigious awards.

The Heart of Inspiration

For Angelo, inspiration is drawn from life’s experiences and musical idols. From the grandeur of Mozart to the soulful rhythms of Aretha Franklin, his influences are as diverse as his repertoire. With upcoming projects ranging from original albums to Disney-inspired piano impressions, Angelo continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

A Journey of Growth and Dreams

As he reflects on his journey, Angelo remains committed to his passion for music. With projects in the pipeline, including a self-written album and a musical short film, he embraces the thrill of creation and the joy of sharing his art with the world.

Advice for Aspiring Artists

To those following in his footsteps, Angelo offers a simple yet profound piece of advice: chase your dreams relentlessly. Let your voice be heard, imbued with sincerity and authenticity. In the pursuit of artistry, staying true to oneself is the key to enduring success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, Angelo Di Guardo stands as a shining example of talent, perseverance, and boundless creativity. As he continues to make his mark on the world stage, one thing is certain: the journey of this Italian sensation is only just beginning.


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Gt Da Guitarman

GT Da Guitarman Returns To Music With ‘Elody’

Gt Da Guitarman
In a much-anticipated comeback after a decade-long hiatus, the immensely talented GT Da Guitarman returns to the music scene with his latest creation, the EP titled “Elody.”

Out on digital streaming platforms today, this dynamic EP guarantees fans an electrifying musical experience, featuring standout tracks like ‘Flaws,’ ‘Special,’ and ‘Congratulations ( Ariwo)’ that promise a unique journey into GT’s musical world.

Gt Da Guitarman2

Unveiling a Decade of Dedication

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Elody,” GT Da Guitarman shares, “With ‘Elody,’ I mark my comeback to the music world after ten years. This five-track EP symbolizes my unwavering dedication to my craft and my everlasting presence in the industry. It’s a testament to my enduring commitment to creating music, reaffirming my passion even in 2024.”

Gt Da Guitarman3

Collaborative Exploration with Exceptional Producers

Collaborating with renowned producers like Gospel on the Beats, Team Skrippo, and Music Camp, GT Da Guitarman embarked on a profound musical journey, resulting in a deeply introspective exploration of self-discovery. Each track encapsulates personal experiences, blending soulful melodies with heartfelt lyrics.


Gt Da Guitarman6

Stories Behind the Melodies

Delving into the inspiration behind the EP’s tracks, GT Da Guitarman states, “Each song narrates personal reflections and observations, capturing moments of joy, heartache, and triumph. ‘Congratulations,’ also known as ‘Ariwo,’ holds personal significance as it serves as a wake-up call to pursue my passion for singing. ‘Flaws’ explores the essence of love, embracing imperfections while striving for improvement. ‘No Evidence,’ born from a collaborative session at Skrippo camp, stands out as an Amapiano joint challenging investigations into one’s character.”

Gt Da Guitarman5

Expectations for the Future

Expressing expectations for the EP, GT shares, “My expectations for the new EP are centered on showcasing that GT is forever young and capable of reinventing himself. I possess abilities beyond my understanding, delving into deeper layers of myself and reinventing the GT brand to resonate more with Gen Z.”

Gt Da Guitarman4

Mesmerizing Audiences with “Elody”

“Elody” EP promises to captivate audiences with its soul-stirring melodies and profound lyrical narratives, solidifying GT Da Guitarman’s status as a musical maestro in the Nigerian music industry. Get ready for a musical journey that transcends time and expectations. GT Da Guitarman’s return is not just a comeback; it’s a musical rebirth.

Listen and enjoy GT Da Guitarman’s new EP titled “ELODY”.




Cover Star  GT Da Guitarman

Lead Editor Oluwaseun Olaegbe

Graphics Oluwaseun Olaegbe

Photographer Viktor Dedoyin


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Slaiman Gems

Slaiman Gems releases his first single of the year

So much has changed all over the world, and so has African music. Slaiman Gems, one of Nigeria’s multi-talented fast-rising artists, finally decided to gift us with one of his most anticipated songs. He titled the track “FLY AWAY” and explained why he had to wait till now.

Slaiman Gems said, “Shortly after the 2020 Covid-19 virus pandemic, I had the opportunity to develop my music production skills during the lockdown. My dream as a pan-African musician became clearer. Fly Away happens to be the last song on my forthcoming EP, but I have decided to release it first because it means so much to me. There’s been a lot happening to me in the past few years, and I have watched many of my people go downhill as life problems got the best of them. I wish I could grow wings and fly away to a place with no complaints, a place where I’ll see everyone smiling and be truly happy with myself. Does such a place even exist? I want to be happy in my world while I’m here, so I created a virtual reality in my mind and gave myself big wings”.

On how he achieved his dream the gifted producer and singer said, “I produced FLY AWAY over at my friend’s studio. It started with a melodic chant instead of lyrics, unlike many of my songs. I recorded the chants part, and then the chorus came to me. My friend DaSilva, who happens to be musically driven as well, insisted that I pour out all of my heart into the song no matter what, and that was exactly what I did. I invited a few more of my friends to listen and give me constructive criticism, but their remarks were encouraging, to my surprise”. 

The singer said he has a lot to talk about he stated: “I’d love to start by asking you to Join me, let’s fly together in my world”. he says.

“Dedicating Fly Away as a motivation to help anyone listening find strength at your downtimes, Fly away regardless of the circumstances even against all odds. Try your best to be positive happy and grateful because you still have a reason to smile today”, he adds. 

He went further saying he wants to be a part of your testimonies soon; hence, he will personally read through messages from his fans and supporters who have gained strength from his music. His team has also set up an email to receive your life testimonies and will be happy to share them with the world. 

Let’s Fly Away


Email –  [email protected]

Slaiman Gems
Slaiman Gems

Listen and Enjoy Slaiman Gems’ new music titled “Fly Away”.


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Epiq is back with ‘Epiq is live’

Epiq Is a Nigerian artiste who hails from Borno state, He fell in love with music at an early age and started playing with instruments while in church. Growing up he was no stranger to music as he would attempt to play different instruments and listen to different genres of music.

He began his career as a rapper in his early teens under the name Rapkyd. He delved into different genres of music and has featured on various mixtapes and on G World Wide act Sugarboy’s debut album ‘Believe’.

He released a couple of songs over the years under the stage name Rapkyd before rebranding in 2014 as Epiq. He released his first single ‘Pretty Girl’ featuring ‘Sugar boy’.

His new Ep ‘Epiq Is Live Vol 1‘ is a 7-track project expressing his emotions, with features from Sugar boy and Haywire.

Listen and Enjoy Epiq’s new EP titled “Epiq Is Live Vol 1”.


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I paused music so I can focus on building my Tech company- Skilzar, CEO of Skilzar Digital

The founder of Skilzar Digital (a Tech start-up company) and super talented singer Oluwaseun Olaegbe fondly called Skilzar has explained why he had to pause music.

The highly gifted songwriter and singer shed more light on why he hasn’t been very active in the music space in recent times.

He said: “Building a tech start-up business that is centered on web design and advertisement requires a lot of learning, creating experiences, problem-solving and trouble-shooting, and it’s not been easy shuffling music with all that.”

“So I said to myself, how about I build the company while creating my EP on the low? and by the time the company is well structured, then I hit my people with the sweet vibes of my music. That’s exactly what I’ve been up to lately”.

On his achievements so far he stated that: “It has been fun all the way, my company has been able to provide digital marketing services and web solutions to over 10 brands/businesses in the past 2 years, we have built our own ‘Google Adsense Approved News and Media web platform,’. We have our android mobile game application out on the Google play store titled ‘Archer Of The Dead’. We have our innovative digital marketing ‘Skilzarbiz web & mobile application’ ready to be pushed out to help business owners solve digital marketing problems at the tip of their fingers and most importantly we have started impacting our society and giving back to the community through our Internship training program we have about 5 interns onboard at the moment.”

On what to expect musically the talented youngster said, “I dropped Closer (a freestyle cover of Wizkid and Tems’s Essence) and my people loved it. I put my heart into my music when I sing. Music is more than just a part of me, it is who I am and I will continue to deliver good music to my people till I grow grey hairs”.

“My EP is coming but before then ill drop a couple of singles just to ginger you.”

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Get familiar with the gifted Aniitablonde

Charismatic, stunning, and gifted, are the words that best describe Anita Osikweme Osikhena fondly called Aniitablonde who hails from the Edo state of Nigeria, Benin city precisely. Aniitablonde said that music has always been her source of joy and happiness.

Shedding light on what inspired her to go into music, the entertainer said, “Music for me was and is still an avenue for me to express my deepest thoughts, I could relate through music, and for me, it became a part of my life”.

On what she has achieved so far in the music scene, she stated: “My biggest achievement so far is embarking on my musical career even when it looks difficult and there seems to be no way, I created my path and I am currently in that path hoping for the world to see what I see”.

On her most cherished moment, since she started music, she noted that she will forever cherish the day she dropped her latest music titled “Toxic”. “it felt like I was finally taking the big step to make it make sense,” she says.

On what to expect from her, Aniitablonde said, “I have a new project coming ‘TIS25’, my EP meaning This is still 25, a versatile EP to connect with me through my sound”.

Listen and Enjoy Aniitablonde’s new music titled “Toxic”.


Watch Aniitablonde’s new music video for “Toxic”.

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Get To Know The Sensational Vocalist, Ceaser

Ceaser (Born Julius Ojoudale John) is a Nigerian Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, and Model. Ceaser was Born on the 19 of July.

Table of Contents

Music Career Of Ceaser

He is known for his vocal dexterity and unique sound as the “Afro R’n’B singer. He has released a couple of singles and has been evolving in his music career. He believes that as a Musician, he is a Messenger for change and has a positive impact on the globe through his music. 

He began his music career as a teenager, singing with his church and school choir in Suleja, Niger State – Nigeria.

He became a member of Shekina Music Group after he won Best Vocalist in the Talent Hunt organized by the group in 2007. Released his first single titled “My Queen” in 2010, the same year he got into University.

Ceaser was the 1st runner-up on Jostbringiton Musical Reality Show 2013.
He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria – Nigeria, where he earned a Bachelor of Art in Theatre and Performing Arts in 2014.

Ceaser dropped a single titled “I Love Peace” which earned him an award for the Leadership and Transformation program by Gemstone, YouWin, and Press Play Nigeria in 2015. He has remained active in the industry.

He is said to have an Afrocentric dress and music style that is influenced by his Love for Africa and his stance as a Fashionista.

He was part of the 2021 Youth Excellence on Stage Program Organized by the United State of America Embassy in Nigeria, with a Master’s Class Certification in Songwriting.

Earlier in 2022, Ceaser Music dropped a single titled Amazed Produced by Dr. Panam Percy Paul, featuring Jeremiah Gyang. 

Ceaser music also Released his Debut Ep Titled “SECRET PLACE EP” On his birthday, the 19th of July, 2022. You can find his songs on all the digital Platforms via the link below.

Ceaser’s Awards

In 2017, Ceaser was presented a Humanitarian and Peace Ambassador Award.

In 2019, Ceaser emerged the winner of the maiden edition of Stardom Nigeria Season 1 [Vocalist Category]

In 2020,  Ceaser was the 3rd runner-up of MTN Yellow Star Season 1.

In 2021 Ceaser emerged as the second Runner in the Ned Nwoko Artactica Malaria Challenge

Ceaser’s Social Impacts

Ceaser is Passionate about positive morals and creating a long-lasting impact on youth.

Ceaser lends his voice to the fight against Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Human-trafficking.

He stands for the peaceful coexistence of his dear nation, Nigeria, as well as other African nations and the globe at large.

More About Ceaser

Ceaser identifies with LAAF (Life after Abuse Foundation) A movement aimed at ending Violence against Women in Nigeria.
The Music Iconic Ceaser also hopes to set up an NGO with the sole aim of a Peace Movement through Music.

Ceaser Music also identifies with TAPA [The Adams Project Africa] a Project aimed at empowering and equipping the boy child with the necessary tools to grow and become a better man in Society.

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Dmac YSD

Dmac YSD Get Familiar With The New Wave

Who is “Dmac YSD”?

Afam N. Marc-Austine popularly called ”Dmac YSD” is a Nigerian Afropop singer, songwriter, and performing act. He happens to be the youngest of 5 children and has a degree in Geological Science and Minning from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Currently resides in Lagos.

Table of Contents

Music Career Of “Dmac YSD”

He entered the Nigerian music scene in 2018 with the release of his first single titled ”Shakoh,” produced by award-winning producer, DJ Coublon.

His music style has endeared him into great music lovers’ hearts across Africa and has warmed its way into the hearts of thousands across the globe.

Since his emergence into the musical scene, Dmac has mastered the art of music and the business of it with an equal amount of his infectious witty charm and energetic performance style employed during every art performance.

Dmac who is currently an independent artist has continued to garner fans and supporters across the globe with his musical genius.

”Shakoh,” produced by DJ Coublon, was released in 2018. With over 1 million streams and over 1.5 million post engagements across multiple social media platforms.

Other subsequent works include “Artificial Bum Bum” featuring Magnito, “Vibes and Vices EP” and Dmac YSD – “Mon BEBE”

Connect With “Dmac YSD” On Social Media

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