Pelumi Joel

Meet Pelumi Joel, Beauty Expert with Unique Beauty Spa, Lhumyglam Empire

Equipped with a vision to change the narrative about Nigerians’ beauty spa experience, the founder of Lhumyglam Empire, Pelumi Joel, said she started the business as an inspiration to empower herself due to the dilapidating effect of the economy on white-collar jobs, most of which was caused by the aftermath of the Coronavirus.

She noted that personality is a part of the brand in the beauty business and that you should be able to tell when you look at the owner of the business.

Shedding light on the services the Lhumyglam Empire beauty spa renders, the astute entrepreneur said, “My business falls in the clique of beauty and cosmetics, I have my spa located in the heart of Lagos, Surulere. We offer services like semi-permanent brow fixing, all types of semi-permanent lash extensions, Piercing, Waxing, Skin tag remover, Pinklip blush, Teeth Whitening, Massage, Body enhancement, Makeup, and Microneeding”.

On what makes Lhumyglam Empire different from the deluge of beauty spas in Nigeria, she stated: “I put my soul into my work and I know exactly what it takes to light up my customer’s tastes, moods, and perspectives. I put in work to be able to serve them better all the time,” she says.

“I’m very optimistic, I do not believe it will not work until I’ve tried everything possible. Quality, class, and uniqueness is the goal for me and that is what my brand stands for,” she adds.

On her biggest achievements as a beauty expert, she noted that it is being able to birth a registered brand under the C.A.C that attracted prolific clientele and students alike.

Joel said It’s been quite challenging running a business as a start-up in Nigeria.

“The challenges are everywhere and very visible, from economic meltdown to competition and inflation amongst others. We will try the best we can as patriots of this country, while the remaining part of these challenges I see as a mere pointer to strengthen my hunger and drive to not give up anytime soon because people have been there and crossed over, I believe I will too”.

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