Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll over 5000

By Blessing Enechojo Abu

Fresh reports from Turkish authorities say the death toll from the earthquakes centered in southeastern Turkey has risen to 3,419. This brings the total number of deaths, including those in northern Syria, to more than 5,000.

The earthquake which started with an initial magnitude 7.8 tremor in the early hours of Monday 6th February, brought down buildings as people slept. It was followed by a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hours later amid several aftershocks.

The Turkish government has called for the movement of citizens away from the affected city of Sanliurfa to avoid more casualties. They are helping with tickets for major airports in this area for people to get on flights to leave.

Concerns are high about the buildings left unaffected by the tremors as the structures might have been weakened and could pose serious threats to residents of the area if left.


Picture Source: JKCYNO BLOG

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