Dr. Tinuade Sanda

Africa Urged to Unleash Women’s Power: Dr. Tinuade Sanda Leading the Way

Dr. Tinuade Sanda

In the global pursuit of gender equality, the call to close the wage gap has been echoing for decades. Despite progress, a significant gender disparity persists in leadership roles. Governments and organizations must foster policies and opportunities for women, but women themselves need support to break free from inhibiting habits.
Africa, however, boasts a rich history of women in leadership roles, from pre-colonial military leadership to post-conflict transitional periods. Dr. Tinuade Sanda advocates harnessing women’s knowledge, skills, and talents to shape the continent’s future positively.

Nigerian Trailblazer: Dr. Tinuade Toyin Sanda

Let’s spotlight Dr. Tinuade Toyin Sanda, the first female Managing Director of EKO Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC), one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest distribution companies. With a remarkable 22-year career and over 14 years in leadership roles, Dr. Sanda brings extensive expertise in financial management, reporting, and treasury management.

Armed with a PhD in Financial Management & Entrepreneurship and an MBA from Herriot Watt University in Scotland, UK, Dr. Tinuade Sanda strategically transforms organizations for growth and competitiveness. Her background spans electricity, oil and gas, and banking and finance.

From Banking to Power Leadership

Dr. Sanda’s journey includes leadership roles in the banking industry, starting as a relationship manager at Chartered Bank in 2001. Transitioning to Access Bank in 2003, she gained expertise in retail credit management, cash operations, and customer service. Before joining EKEDC in 2013, she served as the Head of Finance and Administration at Vanguard Energy Resources, a prominent oil and gas trading company.

A Global Perspective

Dr. Tinuade Sanda’s influence extends beyond Nigeria. A fellow of various prestigious institutes, including the Institute of Management Consultants and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, she’s committed to innovation and teamwork for success.

As a corporate leader, she actively contributes to economic and energy solutions, not just in Nigeria but across sub-Saharan Africa. Her dedication is evident through her involvement in a power subcommittee established by the President of Nigeria.

The Call for Feminist Leadership

Dr. Tinuade Sanda’s journey exemplifies transformative leadership. In a world facing unprecedented challenges, her story aligns with the core principles of feminist leadership—equality, visibility, and accountability at all levels.

In conclusion, to reshape the narrative, power must be distributed equally. Dr. Tinuade Sanda, alongside leaders like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director General of the World Trade Organisation, paves the way for a future where transformative feminist leadership becomes the norm. Africa stands poised to unleash the full potential of its women, shaping a future of equality and empowerment.

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