Nike Erects A 3D Billboard To Celebrate 35 Years

By Blessing Enechojo Abu

Nike began celebrating the Air Max in 2014 and this year, to celebrate their 35th anniversary, the brand created a 3D billboard in Tokyo.

The billboard ad took two months to develop, program, and test the animation.

The creation of the ad was a collaboration between Nike Tokyo’s in-house brand creative studio and creative collective CEKAI.

The 3D ad begins with an oversized Nike box that thrusts toward the street, followed by different Air Max designs, and then ends with the box moving back inside the billboard.

Speaking on the challenges he experienced while working on the new ad, Yoshio Kato, designer, at Nike Japan said “Working with any new medium can be challenging for any brand or creative team.

To ease the learning curve, we drew on different expertise within our team and with our partners to better understand the medium and the opportunity.”

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