Insights from Mubarak Aminu, MD of CTMPro

Unleashing Nigeria’s Technological Potential: Insights from Mubarak Aminu, MD of CTMPro

Insights from Mubarak Aminu, MD of CTMPro

In a recent interview, Mubarak Aminu, the Managing Director of CTMPro and an experienced business developer, has underscored the crucial measures Nigeria needs to take in order to unlock its technological potential. Aminu believes that by providing comprehensive training beyond the traditional school curriculum, Nigeria can pave the way for a prosperous future in the technology sector.

Insights from Mubarak Aminu, MD of CTMPro

“To help Nigeria reach its full potential in technology, several critical measures need to be implemented,” emphasizes Aminu. Firstly, he emphasizes the necessity of equipping the upcoming generation with skills that extend beyond what is offered in the standard school curriculum. Aminu advocates for nurturing future-ready skills such as empathy and problem-solving abilities. By doing so, Nigeria can ensure that its youth possess the competencies required for the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Secondly, Aminu emphasizes the need to foster a mindset that encourages entrepreneurship and problem-solving while simultaneously creating an enabling environment for startups to thrive. He highlights the importance of addressing infrastructure gaps, including reliable network connectivity and power supply, which are vital for technological advancements to flourish.

In addition to these steps, Aminu stresses the significance of collaboration with key players in the tech industry. By establishing strong partnerships and cooperation, Nigeria can leverage the expertise and resources of established organizations to drive innovation and growth in the technology sector.

To achieve these goals, Aminu suggests the implementation of an enabling regulatory framework that promotes innovation, safeguards intellectual property, and encourages investments in the tech sector. Such a framework would create a supportive ecosystem for startups and businesses to thrive and contribute to Nigeria’s technological advancement.

CTMPro, a leading digital assets exchange platform, is actively contributing to the technological landscape in Nigeria. Aminu describes CTMPro as a user-friendly platform that offers a simple and intuitive interface, accompanied by a wide range of features. Users can conveniently exchange funds through their digital wallets, including popular options like Skrill, Zelle, and others.

When discussing the challenges faced by startups in Nigeria, Aminu highlights the limited access to funding and capital as a significant hurdle. Managing a startup in Nigeria can be particularly challenging due to the scarcity of adequate financial resources. Furthermore, infrastructure gaps, such as unreliable power supply and limited internet connectivity, pose significant obstacles to day-to-day operations. Additionally, consumer behavior and the dynamics of the Nigerian market impact the adoption of new technologies.

Recognizing the growing interest in the tech industry among Nigerian youth, Aminu urges the government to play an active role in creating more job opportunities in the technology sector. While the interest is high, the availability of employment opportunities may not currently meet the demand. Aminu emphasizes the importance of addressing the aforementioned challenges to foster the growth of startups and empower individuals to create their own job opportunities. By doing so, Nigeria can contribute to the overall development of the technology sector and drive economic progress.

In conclusion, Mubarak Aminu, the Managing Director of CTMPro, highlights the essential steps that Nigeria must take to unlock its technological potential. By equipping the younger generation with future-ready skills, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, addressing infrastructure gaps, encouraging collaboration, and establishing an enabling regulatory framework, Nigeria can pave the way for a prosperous future in the technology sector. However, to realize this vision, it is crucial that the government actively addresses the challenges faced by startups and provides more employment opportunities in the technology sector.


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