China unveils world’s fastest train, can travel 600km per hour.

By Blessing Enechojo Abu

China train maker, CRCR released the fastest train in the world at a railway trade fair in Germany. The train is said to be capable of traveling up to 600km per hour.

According to the company, the prototype of the train has been successfully tested in China.
The train employs maglev or magnetic levitation which is the use of electrified magnetic field to pull or propel objects at high speeds.

This force “levitates” the train above the tracks leaving no physical contact between the rail tracks and the train. This in turn reduces friction and hence the speed.

This development will offer reduced travel time. For instance, at 600 kph, the train would only take 2.5 hours to complete a journey of more than 1000km travel from Beijing to Shanghai- while this same journey will take a plane 3 hours to complete.


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Photo: @ErikSolheim

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