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Dinah Lugard Unveils ‘Cloud On SoberTech’ for Enhanced Online Safety

Dinah Lugard
Dinah Lugard, the driving force behind the innovative SoberTech platform, has announced the launch of Cloud On SoberTech.

Addressing the pressing need for online safety in our digital era, Lugard emphasizes the significance of safeguarding personal and professional lives conducted over the internet. Amidst the convenience and access that connectivity offers, it brings inherent risks such as fraud, data breaches, identity theft, and hacking. Lugard positions ‘Cloud On SoberTech’ as a comprehensive initiative, shedding light on the importance of securing online activities through a series of focused content, offering simple yet crucial safeguards.

In the cybersecurity landscape, Dinah Lugard stands as a formidable force, seamlessly steering technological innovation. From electrical engineering to cybersecurity, Lugard’s victories in numerous Hackathons and ‘Capture The Flag’ events underscore her prowess in the tech domain.

Taking a remarkable turn in her journey, Lugard pioneers ‘SoberTech,’ Africa’s first Digital Rehabilitation Platform. Recognizing her impact, she was awarded the prestigious ‘Top 20 Young CEOs in Africa’ at the 10th edition of the Scream All Youth Awards in August. The Yessiey Awards 2023 honored her as the ‘Woman Of The Year,’ and the 2023 Africa Women Awards bestowed upon her the ‘Outstanding Tech Brand Award.’

In the mix of technology and humanity, Dinah Lugard works to make the world better, safer, and more connected—a clear example of her strong commitment to positive change.

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