EctoLife releases the design of the world’s first artificial womb facility

EctoLife has released a design of what the artificial womb would look like in the future, although it isn’t a reality yet.

EctoLife is created to help couples conceive and be true biological parents, It is for infertile parents who cannot have their own offspring.

Because of extensive and groundbreaking scientific research of over 50 years, this facility has the capacity to grow around 30,000 babies yearly.

EctoLife was created by biotechnologist and science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili from Berlin. It has different packages.

The “Elite package” allows for the genetic engineering of the embryo before implanting it in an artificial womb. You get to choose eye color, strength, intelligence, height, hair, etc., and avoid genetic diseases.

EctoLife is the first artificial womb facility in the world and it is entirely powered by renewable energy.

EctoLife will help reduce human suffering and reduce C-sections. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, around 300,000 deaths happen due to pregnancy complications. EctoLife will make C-sections and premature births a thing of the past.

Hashem says the technology is already available, but ethical constraints do not make it a reality. He added that EctoLife would offer solutions to women who had to have their uterus removed due to complications.

He concluded by saying that every feature is completely science-based and scientists and engineers have already achieved it.


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