Atokolo Ndidichukwu

Enugu Education Reform: Atokolo Ndidichukwu Appointed Chairperson of NAPPS

Atokolo Ndidichukwu
In a significant development for education in Enugu, Atokolo Ndidichukwu Forbearance, the distinguished Head Teacher of Kingdom Heritage Model School Enugu, takes on the pivotal role of Chairperson for the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) in Enugu North Central. Ndidichukwu, holding a Higher National Diploma (HND) certificate in mass communication and a Post Graduate Diploma in education (PGDE), is also in the process of completing her master’s degree program in education.

Beyond her leadership at Kingdom Heritage Model School Enugu, Ndidichukwu holds a key executive position within NAPPS in Enugu and is licensed by the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). Her commitment to educational excellence and effective leadership has earned her this dual role.

Under Atokolo’s visionary leadership, Kingdom Heritage Model School Enugu has been selected to host the prestigious “The Africa Mathematics Project” Day and Teachers Appreciation Day event. In collaboration with the Africa Mathematics Project and the African Union’s Sixth Region, along with other stakeholders, the event aims to inspire and honor young mathematicians from across Africa.

The choice of Kingdom Heritage Model School Enugu, Nigeria, as the event venue underscores Ndidichukwu’s unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in education, particularly in the field of mathematics.

The event, powered by the Africa Mathematics Project, represents a collaborative effort involving a non-governmental organization, the African Union Sixth Region, and other notable stakeholders.

This announcement stands as a testament to Ndidichukwu’s outstanding leadership and dedication to shaping the future of education, earning her the well-deserved title of Role Model in Mathematics. We eagerly anticipate the impact of her visionary approach on the students and educators under her guidance. Stay tuned for updates as we celebrate and acknowledge educational excellence in Enugu and Africa as a whole!


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