Xplore Tech Trailblazer Awards

SoberTech Clinches Social Impact Innovator Award at Xplore Tech Trailblazer Awards 2023

Xplore Tech Trailblazer Awards
In a landmark achievement, SoberTech, Africa’s first digital rehabilitation platform, has secured the prestigious title of Social Impact Innovator Award at the Xplore Tech Trailblazer Awards 2023. The awards, powered by Lognetics, an AI-powered software and branding agency, took place on November 30, 2023, in Abuja, showcasing SoberTech’s commitment to revolutionizing addiction recovery.

SoberTech was founded by the innovative cybersecurity expert, electrical engineer, and a dedicated coach in cybersecurity, Dinah Lugard, SoberTech is dedicated to ensuring accessibility, engagement, and freedom from societal stigma in the realm of addiction recovery. Lugard expressed her gratitude for the accolade, stating, “This Award humbles me and reinforces our collective responsibility to a better society.”

SoberTech, under Lugard’s guidance, is on a mission for global digital rehabilitation, already making strides in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. The primary focus lies in educating students and the public about the perils of drug abuse, extending beyond awareness to actively contribute to rehabilitation centers. Lugard’s dedication is evident in providing state-of-the-art electronic devices and offering scholarships to students undergoing rehabilitation, showcasing a holistic approach to combating addiction.

Dinah Lugard’s impactful contributions include the SoberTech app, providing non-judgmental support to those grappling with addiction, thereby reducing associated stigma. SoberTech’s objectives are comprehensive, emphasizing accessibility, technology-driven engagement, stigma-free environments, grassroots outreach, and providing advanced technology to rehabilitation centers.

In essence, SoberTech’s expansion into Ghana and South Africa exemplifies the transformative potential of technology and unwavering dedication. Their vision for a world where sobriety is an accessible, empowering journey resonates as both inspiring and commendable.

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