SoberTech Grants Scholarships to Aid Rehabilitating Students in Ghana

SoberTech Grants Scholarships to Aid Rehabilitating Students in Ghana

SoberTech Grants Scholarships to Aid Rehabilitating Students in Ghana

Led by the visionary Dinah Lugard, an accomplished electrical engineer and cybersecurity expert, SoberTech has embarked on its inaugural outreach mission in Ghana. With an unwavering commitment to transforming addiction recovery through innovative technology, SoberTech has recently provided scholarships to four students pursuing tertiary education while undergoing rehabilitation in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

At the heart of this initiative lies the aspiration to create a world where individuals contending with addiction can readily access unbiased support and compelling resources on their journey towards sobriety. SoberTech has already initiated this journey by launching the ‘Back To School’ outreach program in five Nigerian cities, including Lagos, Benin, Kano, Kaduna, and Calabar.

The primary objective of this program is to educate students and the broader public about the perils associated with drug abuse. SoberTech acknowledges the paramount significance of preventing drug abuse through heightened awareness and actively translates this understanding into action. They distribute customized back-to-school packages and essential items to those in need, underscoring their commitment to assisting vulnerable communities.

However, SoberTech’s dedication transcends mere awareness-raising efforts; they are equally devoted to enhancing the rehabilitation experience. To achieve this objective, they furnish rehabilitation centers with electronic devices engineered to not only render the journey toward sobriety more effective but also more enjoyable. This seamless integration of technology into addiction recovery perfectly aligns with their fundamental mission of employing innovation to bring about positive change.


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