Sweden Is Building Roads That Can Recharge Cars

By Blessing Enechojo Abu

The world’s first electrified road has been opened in Sweden. The road uses a technology that recharges the batteries of cars and trucks driving on it.

Following Sweden’s target of a 70% reduction in use of fossil fuel by 2030, the need arose for more electric cars on the road. Most electric vehicles will need to constantly recharge the batteries, hence the reason for more convenient ways to keep the vehicles running, while still saving time and not having to carry the heavy and expensive batteries that comes with the electric vehicles, as the vehicles will receive continuous power while still moving.

A leading provider of wireless charging solutions for electric vehicle, ElectReon have built electric roads in Sweden.

The roads are fitted with special charging cords which charge the vehicles while driving on them.

The company aims to expand its technology to other cities and countries as well as enhance its features, giving room for a billing system.

The Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket is expected to announce its chosen technology for electric roads by late 2023. “The first permanent electric road in Sweden is planned to begin operations in 2027 on a section of the E20 route between Hallsberg and Örebro. An expansion of a further 3000 kilometers of electric roads is expected by 2045”


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Photo: The Kremlin (Reuters)

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