Tunisian president declares Nigerians and other black nationals criminals

By Blessing Enechojo Abu

Nigerians and their Ivorian counterparts in Tunisia have had reasons to flee their homes for safety at their country’s embassies over the state-sanctioned attacks.

The attacks by Tunisian nationals resulted from the president’s constant discrimination and unfair prejudice against dark-skinned people from Africa.

The President, Kais Saied announced that immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa were weakening their country’s Islamic Arab identity and there was a need to end their presence in the country.

According to him: “There is a criminal plan to change the composition of the demographic landscape in Tunisia and some individuals have received large sums of money to give residence to sub-Saharan migrants.”

According to him, there’s a need to put an end to the continuous migration of people of sub-Saharan African descent as their continuous stay in the country is an “unspoken goal to consider Tunisia a purely African country, with no affiliation to the Arab and Islamic nations.”

Since the announcement, hundreds of sub-Saharan African migrants have faced one form of attack or the other with the majority having their housing, jobs, and freedom withdrawn.


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Picture Source: Peoples Gazette

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