Dinah Lugard Set To Release New Book For Persons Who Inject Drugs

Dinah Lugard Set To Release New Book For Persons Who Inject Drugs

Dinah Lugard Set To Release New Book For Persons Who Inject Drugs

Dinah Lugard, renowned as the visionary founder of ‘The Cure Initiative For Individuals With Substance Abuse,’ isn’t just a highly accomplished electrical engineer and cybersecurity expert; she is also a symbol of hope for individuals grappling with addiction. Her remarkable contributions to the cybersecurity field were recently recognized with the prestigious Top 20 Young CEOs in Africa award during the 10th edition of the Scream All Youth Awards.

Yet, Lugard’s influence extends far beyond the realm of technology. She is on the brink of releasing another book, specifically aimed at individuals dealing with addiction, particularly persons who inject drugs. Her latest literary work, “Prison Without Bars: Breaking The Chains Of Drug Addiction,” made its debut on Amazon’s virtual shelves on August 21st, 2023, further cementing her position in the limelight. This book not only showcases her technical expertise but also underscores her transformative role in aiding individuals in their battle against addiction.

In “Prison Without Bars,” Lugard delves into the intricate layers of addiction’s impact on individuals, families, and communities. With a compassionate touch and expert analysis, she dissects the emotional, psychological, and environmental factors contributing to the clutches of addiction. Her work emphasizes the profound importance of compassion, community support, and inner strength in the face of adversity.

Beyond her written contributions, Dinah Lugard’s brainchild, The Cure Initiative For Individuals With Substance Abuse, stands as a vanguard in the realm of addiction recovery. Through innovative rehabilitation programs and outreach initiatives, this non-governmental organization has become a lifeline for those struggling with drug abuse. Lugard’s empathetic approach and extensive expertise have played a pivotal role in their remarkable achievements.


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