Intrepid Entrepreneur Gladys Ameh Revolutionizing Hospitality In Africa

Intrepid Entrepreneur Gladys Ameh: Revolutionizing Hospitality In Africa

Intrepid Entrepreneur Gladys Ameh Revolutionizing Hospitality In Africa

In the realm of entrepreneurship, one encounters countless hurdles and uncertainties. Yet, driven individuals possess an unwavering internal motivation that propels them forward, even in the face of adversity. Such a description befits Gladys Ameh, the visionary founder and CEO of Sonderliving Africa.

Sonderliving, a prominent Pan-African hospitality and property management firm, stands at the forefront of the industry. Their expertise lies in providing top-tier short-let rentals, luxury apartments, and real estate consultancy services. With a vision to become the leading provider of luxury apartments and short-term rentals, Sonderliving Africa is committed to continuous service enhancement, expanding their offerings, and delivering unparalleled client experiences.

Reflecting on the origins of Sonderliving Africa, the visionary Ameh recounts her journey: “With eleven years of experience in the interior design industry, leading the team at Brook House Designs International, and a profound understanding of real estate and hospitality, I developed a strong passion for continuous growth. This drive empowered me to cultivate leadership and management skills, allowing me to lead teams of highly talented professionals. Consequently, I was entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading Sonderliving Africa.”

When asked about her transition from being a designer to leading Sonderliving Africa, Gladys expressed, “To be honest, transitioning was a natural progression due to my extensive knowledge of both industries. The timing felt right. Through my interactions with numerous clients in property acquisition and design, I realized the vast potential of property management in the real estate sector.

My deep affection for real estate investments, coupled with a genuine desire to ensure investors, particularly homeowners like myself, derive optimal value from their assets, motivated me to embark on this venture. Our objective is to help them achieve their investment goals by leveraging our structure to generate additional revenue streams. We have already begun implementing this strategy in Nigeria and Ghana, with plans to extend this opportunity across Africa.”

What sets Sonderliving Short-let apart from other players in the industry? According to Gladys, the distinguishing factor lies in the distinctive interior designs and state-of-the-art facilities offered by Sonderliving Africa’s homes in Nigeria and Ghana.

She passionately declares, “This is personal to us because it’s more than just a place to stay—it’s a home. We have invested considerable resources to create the utmost comfort for our guests. Each property management project we undertake carries its unique requirements and creative nuances, giving us an edge over competitors. Our approach is luxurious, urban, and exquisitely refined. Moreover, we aim to redefine the perception of short-let apartments in Africa by providing clients with an unparalleled interior design experience.”

As a diligent leader, Gladys envisions a future for Sonderliving Africa where the face of hospitality in Africa undergoes a transformation.

“My ultimate goal for Sonderliving Africa is to revolutionize the perception of Africa by elevating the standards of hospitality. Our aesthetics, designs, and creativity must exude opulence, ensuring that every guest feels at home, knowing that we have crafted a masterpiece with their utmost satisfaction in mind. We project substantial growth by capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). By offering luxury properties across Africa, we aim to facilitate the integration of intra-African trade.

As people traverse borders, they deserve a welcoming home, and we have positioned ourselves to deliver precisely that. Africa is a treasure trove, and Sonderliving is at the forefront of the short-let hospitality sector. Our long-term goal is to address the housing deficit in Africa by partnering with Legendary Heights Property and Investment, making Sonderliving a driving force behind Africa’s growth and development.”


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