Susan Elema Championing Benin's Rich Heritage Through Design & Creativity

Susan Elema: Championing Benin’s Rich Heritage Through Design & Creativity”

Susan Elema Championing Benin's Rich Heritage Through Design & Creativity
Princess Susan Elema, a luminary hailing from Benin, Edo State in Nigeria, embodies a fusion of UK academic expertise in architecture and the creative economy. Her journey culminates in the proprietorship of ‘Susan El Design Ltd,’ an interior architecture and design consultancy nestled in the heart of Benin City.

Renowned for her engagement in diverse commercial endeavors, Princess Susan is the luminary behind the innovative magazine brand, ‘BeninCity N’imose by SED.’ This quarterly publication serves as a profound ode to the city’s historical legacy. Each issue encapsulates the enigmatic essence of this ancient city, celebrating its folklore, legends, and the creative luminaries that have shaped its narrative.

Through a delightful amalgamation of myths, folktales, and insightful narratives, the magazine provides a vivid panorama of Benin’s history, exuding an unmistakable charm. Princess Susan El is not only the founder but also the creative and editorial director of this compelling publication.

‘Beyond being an aesthete’s paradise, BeninCity N’imose by SED is an indispensable companion for both local staycationers and globetrotting vacationers. The publication serves as a beacon, guiding readers through the city’s historical landmarks, architectural marvels, and a myriad of cultural hotspots.

This mesmerizing anthology features exclusive interviews, captivating insights into prime homes, and an array of handpicked recommendations, from arts and crafts to top-notch hotel experiences. The magazine extends its reach through both print and digital formats, readily accessible via their website,

Princess Susan Elema’s initiative encapsulates a heartfelt dedication to unraveling Benin’s vibrant tapestry, drawing readers into a world where history, culture, and contemporary elegance converge seamlessly.


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