Yessiey Awards 2023: Celebrating Innovators and Change-makers

Yessiey Awards 2023: Celebrating Innovators and Change-makers

Yessiey Awards 2023: Celebrating Innovators and Change-makers
The Yessiey Awards 2023, a celebration of exceptional achievements across various domains, saw a star-studded lineup of winners, including Elena Maroulleti, Yemisi Shyllon, Dinah Lugard, Mabel Oboh, Dekunle Okunrinboye, Ujawal Jha, and many more.

Elena Maroulleti, a Greek Cypriot American independent journalist and the visionary behind AKTINA FM, emerged as the coveted Yessiey Personality of the Year. Her remarkable contributions to journalism and media have earned her this prestigious title.

Dinah Lugard, a luminary in the fields of electrical engineering and cybersecurity, stood out as the driving force behind ‘The Cure Initiative For Individuals With Substance Abuse NGO’ and SoberTech, earning her the title of “Yessiey Woman Of The Year.”

Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon, recognized as the “Yessiey Art Personality of the Year,” has made significant contributions to the world of art and culture, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Dekunle Okunrinboye, the chairman of DK Industries Group and a prominent Nigerian Industrialist, was honored as the “Yessiey Man of the Year.” His exceptional leadership and contributions to the industrial sector have set a benchmark for excellence.

Among the other distinguished winners were Mabel Oboh (Yessiey Media Personality of the Year), Andrew Lucky Elerewe (Yessiey Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year), Kofoworola A. Beckley (Yessiey Realtor of the Year), Abayomi Mighty (Yessiey Public Speaker/Writer of the Year), Olubukola Akinpelu, popularly known as Mylifeassugar (Yessiey Entrepreneur of the Year), and Ujawal Jha, a dedicated Nepali social worker (Yessiey Humanitarian Personality of the Year), among others.

The Yessiey Awards, presented by Yessiey magazine, acknowledges outstanding achievements in a wide range of human endeavors. It celebrates remarkable firsts, groundbreaking inventions, significant discoveries, prestigious honors, and extraordinary accomplishments.

The awards also spotlight young role models who selflessly improve the lives of others through kindness, compassion, and service. Yessiey is a firm believer in the potential of young individuals and their ability to create positive change.

The Yessiey Awards encompass a diverse spectrum of information, categorized into chapters and record categories. Entries within these categories can encompass records, pieces of information, or unique talents. Yessiey represents the pinnacle of excellence across various spheres, be it human or natural, and is synonymous with superlatives such as the first, last, unique, best, oldest, largest, and most.

During the awards ceremony in Lagos, Oluwaseun Olaegbe, in his welcome address, lauded the awardees for their innovative approaches to making positive impacts in their respective communities.

He explained the vision behind the Yessiey Awards, stating, “This event aims to honor individuals and organizations that are making innovative and meaningful contributions. The Yessiey Awards recognize those who are pushing boundaries to create positive change, whether by spreading joy, raising awareness for important causes, or providing valuable information and entertainment.”

The Yessiey Awards 2023 is a testament to the power of human achievement and the remarkable individuals who continue to shape a better world through their dedication and innovation.


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