DMAC YSD Drops New Album 'A COLD SUMMER (BLTN)' in Honor of Endsars Movement

DMAC YSD Drops New Album ‘A Cold Summer (BLTN)’ in Honor of Endsars Movement

DMAC YSD Drops New Album 'A COLD SUMMER (BLTN)' in Honor of Endsars Movement
Nigerian afropop sensation, DMAC YSD, has dropped his highly anticipated album, “A COLD SUMMER (BLTN),” in remembrance of the pivotal Endsars movement that reached its zenith on October 20, 2020. This musical opus includes the track “MISUNDERSTOOD,” shedding light on police brutality and recent electoral mishaps.

“A COLD SUMMER (BLTN)” is a musical masterpiece that puts DMAC YSD’s exceptional talent and unique style front and center. With heartfelt lyrics, infectious beats, and unforgettable melodies, this album is poised to captivate its listeners.

Since his debut in 2018, DMAC YSD has been a prominent figure in the Nigerian music landscape. “A COLD SUMMER (BLTN)” stands as a testament to his remarkable growth as an artist.

The album boasts 18 meticulously crafted tracks that guide listeners through the realms of heartbreak, resilience, and self-discovery.

From energetic tunes like “Crazy Love” and “Stay High” to soul-stirring melodies such as “Misunderstood” and “Money,” DMAC YSD’s versatility is evident in each composition.

“A COLD SUMMER (BLTN)” strives to break boundaries, connecting with diverse audiences by blending afropop, hip-hop, and R&B effortlessly.

Released on the memorial date of Endsars, 20.10.20, the album also pays tribute to the unyielding spirit, unity, and resilience shown by the Nigerian people in times of adversity.

This musical creation is now available for streaming and purchase on major music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. DMAC YSD’s latest album is poised to make waves both nationally and internationally, solidifying his place as one of Nigeria’s most promising afropop artists.


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