SoberTech's Rim Arno Spearheads Outreach Initiatives in South Africa (2)

SoberTech’s Rim Arno Spearheads Outreach Initiatives in South Africa

SoberTech's Rim Arno Spearheads Outreach Initiatives in South Africa (2)
SoberTech, founded by the illustrious Dinah Lugard, an accomplished electrical engineer and cybersecurity expert, is embarking on a groundbreaking outreach initiative in South Africa. Their primary objective? To transform addiction recovery into an accessible, engaging, and stigma-free experience through cutting-edge digital rehabilitation solutions.

In a recent press statement, Rim Arno, the manager of SoberTech in South Africa, shared their resolute vision, stating, “We are committed to leaving a lasting impact and aspire to a world where those battling addiction can access support without judgment and discover captivating resources on their journey to sobriety. Our outreach efforts are set to kick off in Pretoria and Soweto.”

SoberTech has already made significant strides with its outreach program in Nigeria and Ghana. Their core mission is to educate students and the wider public about the perils of drug abuse. This is achieved by actively visiting rehabilitation centers in these regions.

At the heart of this initiative lies a paramount goal: raising awareness among young people about the dangers of substance abuse. Yet, SoberTech’s commitment goes far beyond mere awareness. Rim Arno explained, “We are poised to distribute specially tailored packages and essential items to those in need,” highlighting their dedication to the community’s well-being.

Moreover, SoberTech remains steadfast in its mission to enhance the rehabilitation experience. To achieve this, Rim expressed their intent to equip rehabilitation centers with electronic devices. These devices are designed not only to make the journey towards sobriety more effective but also more enjoyable.

Dinah Lugard has been at the forefront of the fight against drug addiction. One of her notable endeavors is the SoberTech app, which seeks to provide non-judgmental support to individuals struggling with addiction, effectively reducing the stigma that often accompanies this challenging journey.

SoberTech has meticulously outlined a comprehensive set of objectives to fulfill its mission. These objectives include improving accessibility, enhancing engagement through technology, creating stigma-free environments, conducting grassroots outreach, and providing cutting-edge technology to rehabilitation centers.

In conclusion, SoberTech’s expansion from Nigeria to Ghana and now South Africa is a testament to the transformative power of technology, compassion, and unwavering dedication in driving positive change within society. Their vision of a world where sobriety is an empowering journey accessible to all is not only inspiring but also profoundly commendable. SoberTech stands as a beacon of hope for those on the path to sobriety, dedicated to a brighter, addiction-free future.

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