SUWK Pioneering the First Social-Tech Startup to Empower Marginalized Communities

SUWK: Empowering Marginalized Communities with Social-Tech Startup

SUWK Pioneering the First Social-Tech Startup to Empower Marginalized Communities

In Nigeria’s heart, a visionary entrepreneur, Chioma Ukpabi, has established Skill Up With Kahdsole (SUWK), a dynamic social tech enterprise, transforming the lives of young people in underserved communities. SUWK aims to bridge the opportunity gap and reduce inequalities by providing skills training and economic inclusivity.

At the core of SUWK’s mission lies the establishment of vocational centers that offer comprehensive training and certification in various trades and tech skills. Through these centers, Chioma and her team equip young individuals with marketable expertise, empowering them to seize economic opportunities and break free from limited prospects. With over 800 young individuals trained since its inception, SUWK is making a significant impact, extending far beyond the walls of the vocational centers. By investing in the potential of these young talents, SUWK sets off a transformative ripple effect in their communities.

SUWK’s commitment goes beyond skills training alone. Chioma Ukpabi and her team have taken a step further by creating a cutting-edge marketplace platform. This platform acts as a hub where talented individuals can showcase and sell their skills, crafts, and talents to a global customer base. Through this innovative initiative, SUWK is breaking geographical barriers and opening doors to new economic opportunities for its beneficiaries.

Presently, SUWK’s marketplace platform has successfully onboarded over 250 young talents, armed with the skills acquired through SUWK’s vocational centers. This digital stage empowers beneficiaries to take control of their economic destinies and overcome the limitations imposed by their circumstances.

SUWK’s impact extends beyond a single community. It all started with their first project in Obalende, Lagos, where Chioma Ukpabi recognized the urgent need for economic empowerment. Since then, SUWK’s reach has expanded to various underserved communities, demonstrating the possibility of change, one community at a time.

What sets SUWK apart is its comprehensive approach to addressing the root causes of inequality. By combining skills training, certification, and a global marketplace platform, SUWK tackles multifaceted challenges faced by marginalized individuals. This holistic strategy allows SUWK’s beneficiaries to overcome barriers, unleash their potential, and thrive in a more inclusive society.


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