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Unlocking Africa’s Tech Potential: How Yomi Omiyale’s Hagital Consulting Is Leading The Way!

Hagital Consulting, under the leadership of tech entrepreneur Yomi Omiyale, is revolutionizing Africa’s tech education landscape. As the CEO of the company, Omiyale has introduced innovative training programs that empower individuals to excel in the digital era. In just four years, his Tech Skills Training Institute has achieved remarkable success, making waves in the industry.

Fostering Skills Amid Resource Constraints

When it comes to maximizing opportunities in the tech industry without access to resources, Yomi Omiyale offers valuable insights. He advises young Africans to start their journey by leveraging free tutorials available on platforms like YouTube. Although it may be a slower and more challenging path, consistent effort and dedication can lead to mastering the necessary skills.

Reflecting on his humble background, which fueled his desire to uplift others, Yomi Omiyale shares the inspiration behind starting Hagital Consulting and the Tech Skills Training Institute. In 2018, he set a goal to help hundreds of people break through in their finances. After exploring various wealth creation techniques without success, Omiyale realized that technology held the key. He launched the Tech Training program, enabling thousands of individuals to find reliable means of livelihood through digital marketing and other tech skills.

Hagital Consulting distinguishes itself from other Tech Skills Training Institutes in Africa through its holistic approach to career transformation. Yomi Omiyale describes Hagital as not just a business but also a ministry dedicated to empowering individuals in their careers and finances through high-quality Tech Training. The institute’s commitment extends beyond training, ensuring that students secure good jobs, freelance opportunities, or even start their own tech businesses. This comprehensive approach sets Hagital apart.

The foundation of Hagital’s training programs lies in its Technical School, which offers comprehensive instruction in sought-after tech skills such as Data Science, Cloud Computing, Product Design, and Software Testing. However, Hagital goes above and beyond traditional training institutes. It incorporates the Career Coaching University, a year-long school of inspiration and motivation. This unique program brings successful Nigerian professionals, both locally and internationally, to share their stories and journeys. Through these interactions, students are empowered to strive for high-paying jobs and achieve their career goals.

Yomi Omiyale’s journey into the tech industry was not without its challenges. Despite his background in Tax Accounting and experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, he successfully made the transition while balancing a 9-to-5 job and running his own E-commerce business on the side. Managing both responsibilities was undoubtedly demanding, but Omiyale’s perseverance and countless sleepless nights paid off.

The turning point in his career came in October 2019 when Yomi took a month-long leave from his job to focus on his business. During this period, his side hustle generated double his monthly salary, revealing the potential for success in entrepreneurship. In January 2020, he made the bold decision to resign from his job and fully commit to his passion for empowering others through Hagital Consulting.

When it comes to the role of the government and private sector in promoting tech education and improving access to training in Africa, Yomi Omiyale advocates for collaborative efforts. He emphasizes the importance of creating an enabling environment through appropriate regulations and policies that support the growth and development of the tech industry.

In conclusion, Yomi Omiyale’s dedication to empowering individuals in Africa’s tech education landscape has brought about significant changes. Through Hagital Consulting’s Tech Skills Training Institute, he has provided innovative programs and opportunities for individuals to excel in the digital era. With a holistic approach to career transformation and a focus on empowering students, Omiyale’s impact is reshaping the future of tech education in Africa. His relentless passion and unwavering commitment to seeing people prosper and break through barriers have positioned him as a prominent figure in the industry.


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