We're one-stop Flavourful grill, natural delicacies spot for discerning Nigerians - CEO Halal Eats

We’re One-Stop Flavourful Grill, Natural Delicacies Spot For Discerning Nigerians” – CEO Halal Eats

We're one-stop Flavourful grill, natural delicacies spot for discerning Nigerians - CEO Halal Eats

Legal expert and entrepreneur, Habiba Bashari, has introduced a groundbreaking venture called Halal Eats. This innovative initiative brings the rich flavors of Northern Nigerian cuisine and natural products to the heart of Lagos, catering to both food enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.

Having showcased a keen entrepreneurial spirit since her early law practitioner days, Habiba Bashari’s success extended to makeup, clothing, and jewelry businesses while pursuing her academic goals. Driven by her passion and a strong connection to her Northern heritage, the concept of Halal Eats was born during her pregnancy in 2019.

“The idea for Halal Eats began to take form as I navigated the bustling streets of Lekki Phase One,” reminisces Bashari. “A comprehensive suya destination was on my mind—a place offering everything from meat floss (Dambun Nama) to kilishi, grilled chicken, and Guinea fowl suya. This culinary exploration revealed the difficulty in finding such authentic delights.”

The yearning for authentic, natural beverages like Fura, tigernuts, and fruity zobo further ignited Bashari’s vision. “I empathized with the challenge of sourcing these traditional treats,” she clarifies. “Even simple ingredients like natural honey and multipurpose peppers often presented significant hurdles.”

Bashari’s upbringing in Lagos, combined with requests from friends and acquaintances who shared her enthusiasm for Northern delicacies, fueled her ambition. “Various friends from diverse backgrounds often reached out, craving the taste of Northern delights. Whether it was pepper, tigernuts, or fura, the demand remained consistent,” she remarks.

Driven by the aim to provide convenience and accessibility to fellow enthusiasts, Bashari embarked on establishing Halal Eats. “I envision a one-stop destination where individuals can savor the diverse flavors of Northern Nigeria and indulge in natural products without the inconvenience of sourcing,” she asserts.

Halal Eats will showcase an array of offerings, including diverse suya options, natural beverages, and traditional ingredients sourced directly from Northern Nigeria. The establishment endeavors to bridge cultural gaps and offer customers an authentic Northern experience in Lagos.


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