McDonald’s introduces first fully automated restaurant

By Blessing Enechojo Abu

Mcdonald’s is set to launch the first fully automated restaurant in North Texas.

They opened the first fully functional-based technology restaurant, making it possible for their clients in north Texas to access their meals without having to interact with a person. All interactions will be with a robot.

The pictures and videos from the new restaurant show it to be a grab-and-go and no eat-ins.

According to McDonald’s, this idea was conceptualized by MKV Enterprises Franchisee owner Keith Vaneck and General Manager Rosemin Jussab.

According to Vaneck; “Rosemin is on the ball 24/7. I knew that if anyone could represent the brand, it was her. She cares about not only the company but family; she is always looking to learn something new.”


Picture Source: @Wealth

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